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ALHOSN UAE - this offer was developed by programmers for citizens of the Arab Emirates to counter the spread of the coronavirus across the state. Users could receive test results or reminders of upcoming vaccination on their Android mobile devices. The app was created specifically to counter the spread of the dreaded virus (Covid 19).

Test results and verification

The UAE Health Authority has issued a utility for its citizens that helps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Thus to create safe living conditions for all members of the family with the diseased person. By means of this application it is possible to get the results of tests on Covid-19 through a special QR code. If a person has passed the test, the smartphone confirms this fact. The program provides information about the number of infected people for a day or other period of time, who use similar content. It is always possible to conduct a check in case of infection from another person during communication. When authorizing, you need to provide your passport data or information about temporary stay in the United Arab Emirates. One can log in to the app through receiving sms on the phone. After registration, you can add all your close relatives who live in the same dwelling. After that, keep a real-time observation of the real-time results about the presence of coronavirus of all family members. If the test list changes, a notification is sent to your phone. The program includes the ability to view the last date since the current vaccination. It alone entitles you to go to crowded places when you can show information about the presence or absence of the disease. Covida vaccinations allow you to travel to other states. If the profile in the utility has turned gray, it is urgent to be vaccinated at the nearest m

Traits that distinguish the app from similar content

These include the following characteristics:
  • Test results can be obtained from a distance;
  • You can always find out about the date of your last vaccination;
  • You can follow the testing of several people in your profile;
  • You can log in with a passport or temporary travel permit;
  • Login by phone number;
  • It is free of charge to install and use;
  • It is possible to work on smartphones with current Android versions.
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