Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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AVCLabs is an Android app that lets you enhance video with AI-based tools. You can adjust colors, remove artifacts, increase detail and resolution. A user-friendly interface is used, and there are tooltips for many operations.

Video Editor

The program does not require special skills from the user, many steps are carried out in automatic mode. Increasing the resolution is available up to 8K, and the image does not blur. Sharpness is preserved even when viewing video on a large screen. A set of parameters allows you to improve the quality of videos that are made in poor lighting or with incorrect settings. Increasing the frame rate provides smoother playback. For older videos, you can change the color scheme and repair physical damage, restoring the original look.


All program features are available without payment or registration. However, there are certain limits on the number of treatments. To remove the limits, you need to subscribe. Comparison of versions, available payment methods and tariffs can be found in the main menu. A separate set of functions is designed for face processing. Automatic recognition allows you to restore facial features on blurred video. In manual mode, you can change the level of saturation, brightness and contrast. The available functions cope with quite complex elements. Beginning users are recommended to study the help section beforehand. This will allow you to get used to the interface and learn the peculiarities of the operation of various functions and modes. There is a selection of step-by-step instructions for different situations.


  • video processing is performed with the help of AI;
  • increased detail and color reproduction;
  • a large number of settings;
  • all major file formats are supported;
  • face enhancement function;
  • free download.
Download AVCLabs

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