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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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AIVA is an Android application for generating music tracks using neural network. You can specify the genre and all necessary parameters in advance. The model used is trained on an impressive array of data, which allows you to generate tracks in different styles.

Creating melodies

The service is perfect for game developers, composers, directors and beginner musicians. In the process, you are guaranteed that no copyrights will be violated. A wide range of styles is available - fantasy, electronica, modern movies, pop and so on. It is possible to specify the purpose of the track instead of the genre, for example, to voice a game in a certain style. After specifying all the settings, the application generates several options. The built-in player allows you to immediately launch them and choose the best option. With each request, unique content is created, which allows you to generate new variants if necessary. To do this, just press the appropriate button, the number of attempts is not limited.

Terms of use

To access the functions, you need to create a personal account, using your e-mail as a login. Quick login with a Google account is supported. Personal information is not required. According to the terms of use of the service, all rights to the created songs belong to the developers of the neural network, but it is allowed to upload music to a mobile device for personal listening. The standard file format is used, which allows you to use any player for playback. It is possible to license the created melodies, for this you need to purchase a subscription. All the necessary information can be found in the help section. The available tariffs, methods and instructions for payment are specified. A separate section is devoted to license registration and the subtleties of using music for other projects.


  • music generation service;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • detailed video instruction;
  • large selection of styles;
  • free download.

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