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Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Perplexity is an Android app that provides access to a neural network. You can generate text according to the desired criteria, get answers to questions, do rewriting, and much more. Different languages are supported, and actual information from the web is used as the initial data set.


To interact with the AI, the official website is used, no registration or additional customization is required. It is enough to enter a query in a special field and confirm the sending. A separate panel contains a selection of popular questions. Neural network allows you to provide answers to questions from different fields. If necessary, the answer is accompanied by additional links to third-party resources. These can be official dictionaries, scientific journals, and so on. It is possible to view a short or extended answer, a separate panel contains a selection of similar queries that can more accurately describe the user's requirements.


The next mode allows you to generate texts according to the specified request. You can specify topics, structure, style, size and other parameters. If necessary, you can refine the query so that the neural network changes the result. The resulting article can be saved and shared with friends. A separate panel contains a tool for evaluating the result. The collected data is used to improve the service. A separate tab contains reference information. A description of the service, key features, a set of recommendations for making correct queries are available. There is an opportunity to contact the developers, for example, to transfer information about an error.


  • mode of text generation by request;
  • receiving answers;
  • neural network is used;
  • simple interface;
  • can be used for free.
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