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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Aisearch is a neural network for generating text with specified parameters, image processing and audio decoding. Program code creation mode is supported. The web application allows full access from various platforms, including Android.


Neural network is able to generate texts of different types. These can be scientific articles, short stories, advertising slogans, and so on. In the initial request, you can specify the structure, style, volume, and other parameters. Creating images based on a short description is supported. You can specify the presence of objects, style, background and so on. For example, a neural network is able to generate a landscape in the style of a certain artist or imitate a real photo of a specified animal.


To access the functionality, you need to create a personal account. You can create a new account based on your email or activate quick authorization via Yandex, GitHub or Google after logging in, the program will offer to select the task to be performed. This can be writing a poem, rewriting, creating an SEO article, an abstract, and so on. A separate section is designed for image processing. You can create new images or edit uploaded content. All requirements are also specified in the form of short text. The function of creating or checking program code is supported, the platform correctly handles all popular programming languages. It is necessary to clearly formulate the requirements and specify the required programming language. For example, you can explicitly specify the use of a certain library or programming style. There is a built-in module for working with audio - the program allows you to sound out a text or transcribe a recording. There is a section with quizzes, it is possible to play quite complex quizzes with AI. Access to all functions is free of charge, but there are limits on the number of requests. To remove the limits, you need to subscribe. Full information about the restrictions can be found in the help section. The available tariffs and payment methods are specified, and communication with the developers is provided.


  • access to a neural network that can process text and images;
  • working with program code;
  • audio recognition;
  • text translation function;
  • the free version has limits.
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