Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Lumen5 is an extremely advanced neural network that can generate new content by text query. It can create full-fledged videos, adding music and other additional attributes. It has an extremely high quality of the final material.

Working with content

For recognizing queries, the neural network works based on Natural Language Processing. There is also deep learning based on many different videos. The neural network is able to create a video from a simple text query, but the result will require adding some additional references. These can be pictures and audio recordings. Note that the app has its own library of media content, based on which you can create videos from text queries. But if you want to achieve something more unique, it is possible to add references from the internal memory of the device. Note that when writing a task, you can specify how visual effects will be applied.

Special functions

One of the additional functions has already been described earlier - the ability to use an internal library to access references. Using different pictures and sounds, you can simplify the neural network's task, making the result more controllable. It should be noted that after the final result is obtained, it can be processed manually. In this case, the user can independently specify the order of scenes, correct incorrect inscriptions, titles, add logos and much more. Note that materials are created in MP4, WEBM and GIF formats.

Main Features

  • The program is designed to generate videos based on a single request;
  • You can use a text query and references in the form of pictures and audio files;
  • References can be taken from the utility's internal library, or you can add your own materials;
  • The program is able to work with the most popular file formats when outputting the result.
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