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Google Play Games

Google Play Games
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Google Play Games is an application created for gamers, with which you can download new games and track game statistics. The program is compatible with Android mobile devices.


The main task of Google Play Games, it is considered to track statistics, and combine games on different gadgets. It is not difficult to understand the statistics. In a certain section of the program you can learn about what games are installed on the device, what awards the player has received in this or that game and what he does best. With the combination should also not be difficult. Mostly, users and play only on one device, but what to do if there is a new gadget? And here to help will come Google Play Games. The program is able to synchronize games on different devices, without losing game data. In the presented application, the social side plays a special role. Through Google Play Games you can go to the catalog of games from Google, also the utility will tell you which of them support multiplayer mode, and also send invitations to friends to play together. If there is a desire, your gameplay can be recorded, and then share the video with friends, post in social networks or on various forums.

Who will be interested in the program

Google Play Games is a must for those who like to play games on their Android device. In this case, there is an opportunity to track your game statistics. At any time the user can view this information and, if necessary, share it with friends. Well, there are no more positive sides of the program.

The most important

  • Google Play Games - an application created for gamers, allows you to track your game statistics;
  • Provides an opportunity to play together with friends in the same game;
  • There is a list of the most popular games among users;
  • Allows you to synchronize games across multiple Android devices;
  • There is an opportunity to track the rating and the list of received awards;
  • There is a function of recording the gameplay and further posting the video in social networks;
  • Allows you to download games from official marketplaces;
  • Supports work with all mobile devices with Android operating system of current versions;
  • Distributed on a free basis.
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