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EOBD Facile

EOBD Facile
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 3.1
Program Status: Free
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EOBD Facile is a software for car diagnostics. The application allows you to perform diagnostics of your personal car on an independent level. Service work of the program is made by the OBD adapter of the second generation model ELM 327.

System requirements

Before downloading and installing the application, you need to make sure that it is compatible and has certain elements. In order for the software to work properly it is important to do the following:
  • Confirm the compatibility of the car brand and the program. To clarify this information you need to visit the official website of the developers, where the list of compatibility is presented;
  • Buy a second-generation OBD scanner (aka ELM327). The work of EOBD Facile is based on the presence of an adapter of this model. You also need to establish OBD communication between the programs. To ensure communication, use a connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


After installing the software, you no longer need to visit a car service center for diagnostics. Now you can determine the problem yourself using a smartphone with an EOBD Facile scanner installed. In the process of analysis, the program shows the fault codes for and gearbox. Each code goes through a decryption process and the application receives their coded value. EOBD Facile removes the faulty codes. The software also displays vehicle sensors. So the user learns the engine temperature, the number of revolutions, the current speed and other technical parameters of the car. An additional option is to record information during the trip. It is enough to set certain parameters beforehand and the driver will know the necessary data.


  • Buying an adapter for the application.
  • Making in-program purchases for certain operations.


The application supports both early versions of Android, starting from 2.3, and more recent ones.


  • Self-diagnosis of the car, using a smartphone and without going to the car service;
  • Detects errors and malfunctions in the engine and transmission;
  • Can delete faulty codes;
  • Most of the functionality is available before purchasing the paid version;
  • Compatible with old and newest versions of Android OS;
  • Fully translated into Russian interface.
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