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System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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FindFace is a software with which you can find a person by photo on social services. The application searches for a user based on a photo uploaded to the system. It is also a dating service


The main task of the application is to find a person by the desired photo. You can load a ready photo of the subject from local storage or cloud service into the program. If the source photo is not available in the gallery, you can take a photo of it directly through the camera supported by the client. The photo of the person to be found on the Internet should be clear, not blurred and have the right angle. That is, lightened, blurred, darkened, unfocused images will not be perceived. The user's face must be clearly visible and fall into the lens. The shooting format does not matter. It can be selfies, vertical, horizontal and other formats where the face is visible. Photos from the back, of course, will not be accepted. The program will not find a person if he/she is not online. If the user has not posted his photos in social services and has not registered anywhere, then it makes no sense to use FindFace. The search engine can also suggest similar results. This function is more entertaining than useful, especially if you were looking for a specific person. But coming across your doppelganger or someone extremely similar to your friend is quite a comical situation and a reason to have fun in company.

Acquisition and compatibility

The official version of the software can be purchased in the Google Play Market service. If you do not want to download the program to your smartphone and fill up precious space, you can use the web version of the product. The client supports the version of the operating system Android 4.2 and newer. FindFace has two distribution options. A basic set, where the basic features of the search engine are presented completely free of charge. And a variant, supplemented with new features, for which you need to pay and where the subscription is made monthly.


  • Search for a person online based on photos;
  • In the absence of an exact match, the program will offer similar options;
  • Through the service you can contact the found user, write him a message or put a like under the photo;
  • The application offers basic and augmented versions of the software.
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