Category: Customization
System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Jumpstart is a utility that is distributed together with the program Dumpper both programs scan and find threats in routers. Using this utility, you will connect to a Wi-Fi network with closed access. Jumpstart is suitable for logging into the router when the password is lost. The utility allows you to log in via access point and with admin password. Dummper and Jumpstart work together and connect to "Wi-Fi hotspots" with password protection.


The program scans the network and diagnoses it. Jumpstart analyzes access points that are located in the router's "working places". After checking the network, the utility will show all Wi-Fi access points (SSID, BSSID) working channels, protection type, signal strength and network type. Full configuration of all functions is performed in Dumpper, and Jumpstart launches them and finds access points with poor protection. Use the utility and connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network that is password protected. The program finds vulnerabilities in routers using an algorithm that searches for vulnerabilities through the WPS protocol, the main task of which is to decrypt WPA/WPA2 keys. Jumpstart recovers the "admin password" from the router. This operation is performed via PIN code with eight digits, which is written on the back side of the router. After starting Jumpstart, select the item that adds the device to the network wirelessly. Then enter the "key" and press the "Scan" key. Wait for the program to scan the network and find networks automatically. Then you connect to the access point. The password is in the network properties. Using the PIN you connect to any Wi-Fi network. If you don't know the code, then apply Dumpper.


Jumpstart consists of a wizard of steps, which even a beginner can understand. The main program Dumpper is created simply and conveniently. Both programs support Russian language, but some elements of the utilities are displayed in the language of the creator (Portuguese).

Key features

  • connection to an access point that uses a password and PIN;
  • scanning and working with PIN through WPS threats;
  • full statistics information about any router that is within the Wi-Fi adapter's coverage area;
  • simple shell with Russian language support;
  • the program works on modern versions of Windows OS.
  • there is a step-by-step wizard for network scanning, which is created simply and conveniently for beginners and inexperienced users.
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