Category: Optimization and cleaning
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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Nowadays, everyone knows that the performance of a device decreases over time. And it depends not on the fact that its parts are worn out, but on how much information is in it. The most important thing is that not always this information is useful, often, it turns out to be the most common garbage, which for a year clogs any, even the most powerful device, after which it "barely crawls". Just to correct this problem and created a mobile version of CCleaner, which will always keep your phone in tone by deleting unnecessary files.

CCleaner functionality

CCleaner works very successfully with those devices on which it is installed, constantly freeing space from trash, taking care of high performance. Such an application will never be superfluous on an Android device, which in general "sin" a large production of garbage files. Tools of the program can be used at any time, cleaning unnecessary residual folders, deleting logs of different programs, cleaning the cache, which simply take up space in the phone. After that, the space will seriously increase, and the device itself will start working much faster, so it will be possible to install the application that you really need. If before there was not enough space, now you can even store more photos on the built-in memory, the main thing is not to forget to periodically use the program, because the accumulation of garbage is continuous. By the way, the application in this case has one plus - you can set up a schedule of regular scanning, in this case, ССlayeranerperiodically will scan itself, deleting everything unnecessary.

Additional features

In addition to all of the above, new features will be available to the user. So, now he will be able to manage the applications installed on the phone. He will have access to the list with applications, there he can disable the application, delete what he does not use. The CClayer program saves the user's time, allowing him to work in an optimal way with maximum productivity.

Key features

  • Free download;
  • Quickly cleans your phone of all kinds of junk;
  • Performance boost;
  • Customizable auto-scanning;
  • Works in the background, not loading the device;
  • There is tech support;
  • Convenient tools to completely uninstall applications and all related files.

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