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Optimization and cleaning

CCleaner CCleaner
Nowadays, everyone knows that the performance of a device decreases over time. And it depends not on the fact that its parts are worn out, but on how much information is in it. The most important
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All-In-One Toolbox All-In-One Toolbox
All-In-One-Toolbox - if you try to compare this project with something tangible in our lives, the most accurate example is a "Swiss knife", only for Android. This utility contains a large number of
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JuiceDefender - battery saver JuiceDefender - battery saver
JuiceDefender on Android is a program thanks to which the user will be able to significantly extend the battery life of his gadget. This utility automatically disables Wi-Fi and APN modules when they
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Power Clean Power Clean
Power Clean is a mobile client for Android portable devices that helps you optimize your gadget, as well as clean the memory from accumulated garbage. FunctionalityThe application contains not only
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MAX Cleaner MAX Cleaner
MAX Cleaner is a very multitasking application. It is a kind of 3 in 1: at the same time it is a spam cleaner, system optimizer and antivirus for Andorid devices. Cleaning functionsThe most important
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AutoOOMmanager AutoOOMmanager
AutoOOMmanager is a process manager for Android devices. With its help you can prioritize applications, thereby reducing or increasing their performance, and thus the level of battery consumption.
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Super Cleaner Super Cleaner
Super Cleaner (SC) is a utility for mobile devices that will help your device "breathe freely", saving it from registry clogging and potentially harmful files. SC is programmed not only to clean and
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OSFP or Optimize Systems For Programs is a software package, a utility for optimizing the system of Android devices. The key feature is that OSFP can not just clean the operating system from garbage,
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