Fanat TV

Fanat TV
Category: Other (Multimedia)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Fanat TV is a utility that allows users to watch a variety of TV channels without registration and completely free of charge. This version of the software is designed for Android devices.

TV channels

At their disposal, users get not only an extensive library of channels, but also a convenient player for viewing them. If the connection to the Internet is high-quality and stable, the broadcast will start in a few seconds. For easy navigation, all TV channels are divided into categories:
  • informational;
  • music;
  • movies and series;
  • religious;
  • educational;
  • sports;
  • entertainment;
  • TV stores;
  • children's and others.
It is worth noting that there is also a division into language categories:
  • Russian;
  • Ukrainian;
  • English;
  • Belarusian;
  • Romanian;
  • Kazakh.
Among the additional features of the utility it is worth noting the availability of broadcasting from cameras installed in a variety of places. For example, at any time the user can see what is happening on Lake Baikal, on beaches not only in Russia, but also around the world, in the studio of Radio Mayak, in airports and even in space.

TV program

For user convenience, the utility provides a TV program for all TV channels. It will help you find out at what time a program or movie will be broadcast. For the convenience of using the TV program, a keyword search and a convenient filter are implemented, which allows you to quickly search for channels. It is worth noting that the TV program is implemented not only for the current day, but also for the whole week.


  • The main purpose of the software is to view TV channels online;
  • the ability to view broadcasts of cameras that are installed in a variety of places around the planet and even beyond its borders - you can watch a live broadcast from the ISS;
  • complete absence of advertising;
  • availability of the TV program for the current week;
  • search for programs by keywords;
  • distributed free of charge;
  • minimum operating system requirements - Android 4.4 and higher.
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