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System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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DroidCam is a program (manager) that provides control of a smartphone or tablet, "turning" it into a camera. This software connects to a mobile device with Android OS as a webcam for PC.


DroidCam is useful for users who often communicate with friends or acquaintances via Skype or other messenger using video communication. This software "replaces" a real web-camera by connecting the mobile device to a computer. Full-fledged video call via DroidCam is provided with the help of a computer and a smartphone or tablet with Android OS. Use these components and make a "copy" of a wireless webcam that transmits video stream in high quality.

Usage and functionality

DroidCam creates a "real" webcam using your mobile device. By installing the client on your computer, as well as the mobile version of the software in your device, you will fully customize the settings for communication with your relatives. After that, create a "synchronization" between your computer and mobile device by connecting them via USB cable or wireless technology. If you create a connection via an access point, both devices should be connected to the same IP address. Having created a connection between the computer and mobile software, you need to specify the configurations by selecting the desired messenger. After that, you make a Skype call by connecting a mobile device instead of a stationary web-camera. The main advantage of this program - support switching camera smartphone or tablet. You use the rear or front camera of your device. During a "video call" DroidCam displays the picture in 720p resolution. The program has a setting that adjusts the brightness balance and provides screenshots. All data is saved on the hard disk of the computer or SD-card of the smartphone.

Key features

  • the software provides video communication using the camera of the mobile device;
  • mobile devices with Android OS can be connected to the program;
  • before launching the program you need to synchronize your devices using USB cable, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • the program allows you to switch from the front to the rear camera of the device;
  • the software is designed to run through Skype and other clients for video calling;
  • full-fledged configuration of video communication is available after downloading the computer and mobile client;
  • in the program you can create screenshots and save them on the device;
  • the client is equipped with basic tools for customizing video calls.

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