Category: Computer-aided design systems (CAD)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
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Mathcad is a special program in which you will make mathematical or engineering calculations. In this software you will calculate complex functions and formulas using visualization elements. If necessary, you can calculate engineering functions using special tools. The graphical environment of this software is not difficult to master, but to use the program, you need school knowledge of mathematics.


Mathcad is a universal system for complex calculations, providing fast calculations. You can use this software when working with projects that require a lot of math calculations. In the program, you can work with numbers, using equations and functions, as well as other "formats" of mathematical calculations.


This program is versatile, because it "calculates" values according to the standards of mathematics. You will calculate complex functions, equations and other types of problems. The software is suitable for high school students in special schools, as well as students who are familiar with school and higher mathematics. Mathcad allows you to work with formulas using several options. You enter values manually, using the keyboard, as well as select them from a database of symbols or ready-made formulas.

Program features:

  • calculation of complex mathematical expressions and their saving in a text document;
  • the program allows you to generate graphs in 2D and 3D format, which show the results of calculations;
  • the program allows you to connect database components and other data from third-party sources;
  • drawing up reports and important documents, as well as printing them out;
  • publication of prepared data on the network;
Besides mathematical calculations, in Mathcad you can read the theory about not clear features and functions of the software, using the built-in help.

Key features

  • Performing complex operations and calculations in math;
  • the software provides quick input of formulas from the keyboard, as well as through the toolbar;
  • the program supports downloading and editing data from other sources;
  • in this software you create reports and print them;
  • its own help is present, which contains a lot of information on theory in math;
  • the program works in areas of science where calculations are needed;
  • the graphical environment is created in a modern design and is suitable for users of different qualifications.

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