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Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow
Category: Portable devices
System: Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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Samsung Flow is a free Windows program that allows you to synchronize files and other data between your laptop or computer and your portable gadget. You can transfer music, text documents, videos, images and more. In addition, there is a mode of remote control of the mobile device.


To be able to use the utility, it must be installed not only on a PC or laptop, but also on a portable device. If this condition is met, the user will be able to establish a connection between the devices. In total, the application provides three synchronization options: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB. Once the synchronization process is complete, the user will be able to activate the option responsible for simultaneous display of alerts on the computer and the portable gadget.

File transfer

One of the main functions of the program is to transfer a variety of content from one device to another. The application is able to send the following types of files: text materials, contact lists, videos, pictures, SMS messages and so on. A person can independently determine where the transferred content will be saved.

Controlling the gadget

With the help of the utility you can control your portable device remotely. Thus, the user is able to write SMS messages, take screenshots, change the settings of the mobile gadget and much more from a laptop or computer. This function is based on the technology called Smart View.


  • Free application for current versions of Windows;
  • Ability to send various files to PC or mobile gadget;
  • Russian language version of the interface;
  • Three synchronization methods are implemented;
  • The utility is designed to work with Samsung branded devices;
  • Allows you to control the gadget in remote mode.
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