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Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes
Category: Other (System)
System: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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Simple Sticky Notes allows you to create virtual notes and pin them to any location on your desktop. You can visually highlight items using font and color.

Using the utility

The user gets the opportunity to quickly create a new reminder and add it to the desktop. This imitates the usual paper stickers, which are often used in offices in the process of work to create various reminders. For grouping or highlighting, it is possible to change the background color and adjust the font. This will allow you to highlight important notifications on the general background and not forget about them. All elements can be easily moved with the mouse, which allows you to organize elements so that they do not interfere with daily work.

Bookmarks features

The program allows you to organize a large number of tasks, allowing you not to forget even small tasks. You can prepare an unlimited number of reminders. At any time you can move the item, change the content or delete it if the entry is no longer relevant. The program has a very simple interface, only the necessary settings are added. The load on the computer hardware is minimal. There is a brief help section that allows you to learn the principle of operation of the program and its capabilities for organizing stickers. The process of creating and customizing a new item is considered. There are no difficulties in the process of working with the program.


  • The application allows you to create virtual stickers with reminders and attach them to your desktop;
  • the number of stickers is unlimited;
  • simple interface, low requirements for hardware resources;
  • you can customize the text and change the background color.
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