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Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Floorplanner is a program that was created by a company with the same name. The main function of the utility is to provide potential customers with the opportunity to see the layout of multi-storey buildings that have been built by the company. In the application you can find not only drawings, but also photos and three-dimensional visualizations, with which you can more clearly see the result of the work.


Note that the program is required to see the result of work on the Floorplanner website. Any user can create their own project and then make changes to it using the editor on the Floorplanner website. You can add different objects, change the layout, remove objects and so on. When the modeling process is completed, you can look at the result with the help of this application. Three-dimensional visualization is great for those who want to perform quality repairs on their own, and before this creates its own project. Moreover, all drawings are created taking into account the exact dimensions of the rooms, which is important. Note that you can see the result not only in the classic format, but also in sketch mode. This will reduce the time required to consider various details. But if you need to see the plan in its entirety, it is enough to simply include textures and make all objects three-dimensional.


Among other things, you can also see layouts that have been created by other users and published for third-party review. A total of 15 million designs are available, each with its own unique parameters. At the same time, layouts are available for homes, offices, public buildings and so on.

Main features

  • The program is designed to view layouts created in the Floorplanner editor;
  • 3D visualization is available;
  • You can get access to 15 million works from other users.

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