FS Client

FS Client
Category: File sharing
System: Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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If you want to watch all kinds of movies and TV series without downloading them, this software solution is the best option for you. This application is supported only on desktops with the Windows 10 operating system installed. FS Client is a program with the most pleasant and comfortable to use the interface. The developers distribute it absolutely free, which allows you to save a lot of money on watching movies. The user interface is extremely intuitive and logical, which allows you to comfortably use this software as an experienced user, as well as a beginner. You can view content only when you are connected to the Internet, and the application does not have any advertising banners, pop-up ads and the like. This is a significant difference from many other programs, helps you watch with maximum comfort without all sorts of interference. Of the negative qualities can be noted only that the program is able to work only with the latest operating system from Microsoft, namely Win 10, on 8, 7 and earlier versions it will not be supported. If you have an older version on your desktop, you can use other software that has almost identical functionality. For example GetSee, it also has no ads and provides a fairly wide range of movies, series and cartoons.

Movie Search

To find a movie you are interested in you can use various search filters, such as: search among the most viewed movies, search by title, genre and many other criteria. The title can be entered incompletely, after you type a couple of characters, the desired movie will appear in front of you. The application provides the most complete set of movies as it uses content from all major online theaters. Each movie or series has its own separate page, with basic information, as well as a poster-cover.


You don't need to download anything to watch, the only condition is a good internet connection. But if you want to watch without internet, you can download the desired movie. Built-in downloader is very convenient, allows you to load files in a certain sequence, as well as specify the folder for each file. The main feature of this software is the ability to watch movies or TV series without advertising, and it is absolutely free. The picture can also be downloaded, but it should be noted that the application functions correctly only on Win 10.
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