Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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MyShows is a program designed for fans of movies and TV series. There are opportunities to communicate with other members of the online service, read thematic news, track watched series, search for new releases and more. There is a full Russian-language localization. Using the software is possible on devices running Android 5 and more modern versions.

Personal profile

After logging into your account or creating a new one, the user gets access to all the functionality implemented in the application. This includes the ability to view the feed with user posts, comment on them and so on. A person is also allowed to upload an image that will be used as an avatar.

List of content

With the help of the utility, it is not possible to watch motion pictures and TV series. However, the user is able to tag the shows that have been watched. In addition, it is possible to rate and write detailed reviews. In the catalog of the mobile program is a wide list of content from different online cinemas. Shows include Mystic, Mediator, Rick and Morty, Amazing Stories, Absolute Evil, The Great Escape, and so on. You can search for certain shows through the search bar. It is also allowed to categorize content into the following groups:
  • Scheduled;
  • Current;
  • Completely watched.
Thus, a person is able to keep a record of movies as well as TV series.

Other functions

The online service is equipped with a tab with current news about the announcements and releases of new shows. Also available to the user is a section with an electronic calendar. With its help, a person gets the opportunity to follow the release of fresh series.


  • Full support for the latest versions of OC;
  • Ability to mark watched and scheduled shows;
  • The program can be used completely free of charge;
  • Allowed to rate various series and movies;
  • A tab with news publications is available;
  • Russian language interface;
  • No built-in player.
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