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Picture Mushroom

Picture Mushroom
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 104


Picture Mushroom is a useful utility for Android devices, with which you can determine the type of mushrooms. This task is realized through recognition by illustration. Also this software shows the name and useful information that relates to mushrooms. It includes an extensive range of information with classification and detailed descriptions. It contains photos and data on growing places, as well as characteristic nuances. A huge plus is that the interface is in Russian, which will greatly facilitate the process of operating the program for domestic users. It can be downloaded completely free of charge to cell phones that run the above operating system.


During the first launch of the mobile client, access to the smartphone camera and gallery is requested. This is necessary in order to recognize mushrooms from photos. You can take a picture in real time or download a ready-made photo from your phone. In order to perform quality scanning, the pictures should show the whole mushroom and not a single part of it. In addition, it is not recommended to have several species in the image at once.


The application scans the received illustration and determines which mushroom is there. Users can read detailed information about it. For example, information about edibility, appearance, distinctive nuances, and much more. Varieties that have been viewed are stored in the appropriate category. The main page contains interesting reviews about mushrooms, which can be read by anyone.


It is worth noting that there is an extended functionality, which can be accessed after purchasing a license. Such a subscription includes the ability to recognize mushrooms without restrictions, the absence of commercials, professional advice from experts and full access to the encyclopedia.


  • The ability to identify the species of mushrooms by photo;
  • availability of a huge range of data;
  • the ability to purchase a paid subscription.

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