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Category: Drawing
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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The Problembo platform for Windows includes a set of online tools designed to improve the quality of photos, remove noise, convert pictures to another format and recognize text in a photo.

Image Creation

This service, like BlueWillow, allows unlimited generation of different images. The user needs to come up with a description of the picture in English. You can specify in a separate field the objects that should not be in the image. It takes from one to five minutes to create a picture, based on the load on the server. Four pictures will be generated at the end of the request processing. The user can save his favorite picture or create new pictures.

Online tools

Among the various features of the platform, the tools for working with photos deserve special attention. The functions of improving their quality, sharpening and removing noise are supported. Pictures are processed fully automatically. In addition, you can replace or completely remove the background. The platform is able to recognize text from pictures or PDF files, including password-protected ones. The supported formats include JPG, WEBP, BMP, HEIC, GIF, JFIF, PNG, DJVU and TIFF. Metadata viewing and editing functions are supported. To use them, you need to go to the appropriate section and then upload a picture no larger than 30 MB.

Main features

  • neural network image generation is supported;
  • the platform can be used absolutely free of charge;
  • text recognition on the photo is available;
  • there is a toolkit for working with drawings;
  • the platform is compatible with current versions of Windows.
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