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Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 117


Nimbus Note is a notepad for Android that allows you to conveniently store notes, quotes, ideas, lists and other content. The mode of group work on a common project is supported. For this purpose, data is saved in the cloud, which allows you to synchronize them between different devices. It is a client of the service of the same name.

Record keeping

The program contains a large number of functions. In addition to text, you can create records with video and audio, adding photos is supported. You can use the standard camera to scan documents, there is a text recognition function. You can quickly transfer information from an Internet page and create a task list with a reminder function. In this case, the program will remind the user of the approaching meeting or event. The mode of operation of reminders is flexibly configured in the parameters.

Folders and editor

In the editing mode, you can customize the font, insert quotes and graphic content, highlight important details and much more. You can search by image or text. There is a panel for managing catalogs. You can create them, change the order, assign colors, and use tags. This makes it easy to work with a large amount of content. You can differentiate between work and personal records.


Using cloud infrastructure allows you to synchronize data between different devices. There is a shared access mode. At the same time, there are all the necessary tools to differentiate access and change rights. To connect, you need to send the necessary user a link to the project. The administrator can specify the access mode and exclude the user if necessary.


  • notepad with a large number of additional functions;
  • graphic content can be added;
  • shared access mode;
  • synchronization between different devices;
  • free download.
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