Category: Recording
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Chromic is an Android application for video editing, all common formats are supported. You can change basic parameters and use filters. A convenient workspace is used.


An extensive catalog of unique filters is provided, which allow you to literally get content in a certain style in one click. There are no difficulties in the search process, as the elements are divided into logical categories:
  • film;
  • split;
  • special effects;
  • antiques;
  • vintage;
  • monotone;
  • pastel colors.
Additional settings are available for each selected effect, which significantly expand the processing possibilities. While changing, you can switch to preview mode to immediately evaluate the result and make a decision on application. In preview mode, the clip is displayed in full screen mode. Swiping left or right is used to change the filter. Vertical movement allows you to change the saturation of the current effect. This mode provides convenient filter selection and adjustment.


When you are finished, you can save the new clip to the device's gallery. The file can be published in a social network or sent to friends. There is an access to the standard camera to get a new video, after shooting the clip is immediately displayed on the workspace. There is a built-in player for playing content. There is a help section with detailed instructions on how to work. The main features, supported formats and customization examples are described. In the free version, some of the functions are blocked. To access it, you need to activate a subscription. All terms, costs and payment methods can be found in the help section.


  • a set of tools for video processing;
  • all major formats are supported;
  • access to the camera;
  • some features are available after subscription activation.
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