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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Apihost is an application that gives a smartphone user access to a full-fledged neural network. With the help of such a simple tool, you can generate texts of really large volume, as well as create voiceovers in the form of audio files.

Writing texts

Note that the program is not designed to write full-fledged texts. It can only search for information and present it in a simple and understandable form. Thus, the function of generating text in the form of chat and answering questions is available. So, if you need to collect a large data set, it can be broken down into a dozen simple questions, the answers to which will help you not to search for information on the Internet. Note that the maximum number of characters when generating will be equal to 3 thousand. It should be understood that the program provides access to writing texts on any topic only if the user has paid for a subscription. In the free version, there are some restrictions on the number of characters, as well as requests that the neural network can process. Additional features include reading the number of characters in the document.


Another function of Apihost is to voice the text that is written in the chat. For this purpose, you can use a female or male voice, as well as give it some additional parameters. Depending on these parameters, the final result will change. Also note that the utility can work not only with Russian, but also with Turkish and English. You can even voice even previously generated texts.

Main features

  • The program is a neural network for cell phones;
  • You can generate texts and perform their voicing;
  • Texts are written in the format of answering a question or chat;
  • There are some restrictions on the number of characters and topics;
  • During voicing you can choose the type of voice, as well as its parameters;
  • There is a paid subscription.
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