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Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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CoinList is an application that is meant to be used by crypto traders. They can have any kind of experience, even completely insignificant ones. The utility provides access to a huge number of digital assets. The exchange provides access to new tokens until they appear on other trading platforms.

Security and regulations

The application works in strict compliance with existing legal requirements. This includes mandatory registration along with two-factor authentication. Also, the user will need to provide information about himself. Therefore, it is necessary to upload photos of documents to the application, specify the place of residence, etc. In order to ensure the most secure management of existing cryptoassets, the utility requires verification of the user and the device he uses for work. In addition, CoinList stores a list of active Internet sessions and the last 10 logins. It is possible to close sessions that were previously opened on other devices. To enter the utility, in addition to a password, a 6-digit digital key is provided.

Program for referrals

The application has a rather profitable and convenient referral program. There is an opportunity to invite your acquaintances. If they conclude transactions, the user receives certain bonuses in bitcoin.

Trading procedure

The list of CoinList trading operations includes:
  • Acquisition and realization of cryptoassets;
  • Storage and deposits of currency funds;
  • Transfers between different wallets;
  • Placing assets with verified ownership.


  • Completely free to use;
  • Providing cryptocurrency storage and trading transactions;
  • High degree of security;
  • Need to provide detailed personal information.
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