Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Descript is an Android application for video editing using neural network. A large number of features are supported, including noise removal and audio enhancement.

Video processing

The program allows you to automatically remove parasite words, clone voice, add sound effects from the built-in set. A large data set was used for training, which allowed for a wide range of functionality. The peculiarity of the platform is that video can be edited in text format. At the pre-processing stage, the neural network extracts the transcription and associates it with the frames. After that, the user is able to make the necessary edits to the text version, which are used for further work. It is possible to create new videos, for this purpose a large number of ready-made templates are provided. A separate option allows you to add subtitles and customize the mode of their display.


Full functionality is available after creating a personal account. Next, using the file manager you need to specify a file for processing, you can upload audio or video. At the next step, select the desired processing mode. To clone a voice, it is enough to write a source text and speak a short phrase into the microphone. The neural network recognizes the distinctive features and uses the information to reproduce the text. It is worth considering that some of the functionality is available only after subscribing. The list of functions, available tariffs and payment methods can be found in the main menu. If there are difficulties at the stage of payment, you can contact the support service.


  • video editing with AI;
  • effective noise removal;
  • voice cloning mode;
  • templates for creating videos;
  • free download.
Download Descript

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