Anibla uz

Anibla uz
Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Anibla uz is a useful android program with which you can watch anime in Uzbek. Users can choose the most favorite content and subscribe to alerts to learn about the release of new series. This application presents Japanese animation, which is translated into the above language, so Uzbeks can watch their favorite animations without any problems. The developers have implemented the simplest possible interface with a minimalistic design and convenient controls. Therefore, users will have no problems with mastering its capabilities.

How to register?

In the software it is mandatory to register. You can create a profile through a phone number, to which a code will come, or through an e-mail box. With the help of authorization you can choose the most suitable tariff plan and monitor your personal balance. In addition, due to the existing account you can add your favorite Japanese cartoons to your favorites. The software sends notifications about the release of new series, which were marked by the user. Immediately it is worth remembering that the code to the phone number, which is outside the mentioned country, may not come.


The utility has a built-in player for watching videos. You can select the most suitable quality to make it more convenient for users to watch TV series. The video can be viewed in full-screen or windowed mode. If desired, you can use rewind and forward, as well as pause the video. In the mobile client there is an extensive assortment of anime, which is updated on a regular basis. The anime itself is translated into Uzbek. Serials can be searched in the search engine by text query.


  • possibility to watch Japanese serials in Uzbek language;
  • presence of a built-in player;
  • registration procedure is required.

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