ADB FastBoot

ADB FastBoot
Category: Working with Android devices
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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ADB FastBoot is a utility for working with smartphones and tablets with support for service operations. ADB FastBoot works with portable devices that are connected to a computer and equipped with Android OS. ADB commands are universal and they are used on many devices. The utility does not support commands that are forbidden by the user. Data entry in the program is done on the command line. ADB FastBoot performs flashing of different models of portable devices on OS Android. Use FastBoot utility and flash smartphones and tablets. The program performs software code upgrade from IMG file, clears system partitions and restarts the device when the system hangs completely.

Installation and use

The program does not have a graphical interface and runs through the command line. ADB FastBoot is designed for users who are computer savvy and know how to work with console commands. After downloading and unpacking the archive with the application, add both programs (ADB and FastBoot) to the "Environment Variables" section. To activate this section, go to the "System and Security" section in the Windows Control Panel. Then find the item "System Variables" and select the path to the unpacked folder. Open a command prompt and enter the commands "adb version", and then wait for the build for the working component to appear. If you see the device version - the connection is correct. Start flashing and perform system operations. While flashing the device, do not power it off or press any buttons until the software update is complete. Read ADB commands and all data about them on forums or special sites. If necessary, use the utility Adb Run utility or a similar program. This utility provides access to the command line and its operation through a ready-made GUI.

Key features

  • flashing and installation of new firmware for Android devices;
  • customization and installation of service operations;
  • the first time you run it, you need to perform a complex customization that is not system specific, but is used separately from the Android SDK ;
  • the utility does not have a graphical shell and interface (GUI);
  • the program works on all versions of Windows OS;
  • specific data input via the command line;
  • customization of mobile devices and smartphones, as well as a quick update of the device's program code.
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