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CROW Player

CROW Player
Category: Players
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 14 661


CROW Player is a special application that will suit every music lover. If you want to listen to various music compositions, you can do it in this player. Its main feature is the ability to download music from the popular social network VKontakte. Downloading is necessary to get the ability to listen without an internet connection. In addition to this, CROW Player has other features.


To start using it, you need to open a special panel that provides navigation. It will be available in the side menu. To call it up, just make a swipe. After that, you can connect to your VK account. Just select the appropriate option, and enter your account details. After that, you will get access to the entire playlist of your social network account. The program provides a very convenient navigation through the audio records. They can be searched by name, as well as conveniently sorted by various parameters. This will allow you to quickly find the desired track. In addition, for more convenient navigation through the records, all songs have different-colored icons. This allows you not to get confused in similar titles. After some time, you will be able to navigate through the playlist very easily. CROW Player also provides information about the artist, as well as the duration of the song. Earlier we mentioned that the program gives you the opportunity to download the track to the phone memory. After that it will be available for offline listening. To download it, you will need to press just a few buttons.


This player has a very nice appearance. In addition, there are no unnecessary buttons. Therefore, the navigation will not get confused. The user can change the appearance of the program at will. Choose the color of buttons and design. You can even color the application's header yourself. And while playing music, the background blurs very nicely to the color of the music. It looks stylish and attractive. Therefore, fans of beautiful design CROW Player will like it.

Key features

  • You can download tracks from VK to listen to them offline;
  • Simple gesture control;
  • Very stylish interface, not overloaded with buttons;
  • There are many possibilities to change the design;
  • Can be downloaded for free;
  • Works on all versions of android that are popular now.
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