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MicroG YouTube Vanced

MicroG YouTube Vanced
Category: Services
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 16 795


MicroG YouTube Vanced is an unofficial client for YouTube, the most popular video hosting service on the planet. This version of the utility is designed for Android devices.

Distinctive features of the utility

  • Lack of advertising
Unfortunately, the developers did not manage to completely get rid of advertising content. All that is left of advertising is small yellow spots, which do not affect the viewing of videos at all.
  • Playing videos in background mode
It is worth noting that this is impossible to do in the official application for free.
  • Viewing video clips in high quality even on screens with a small diagonal.
  • The ability to choose a design theme.
  • The presence of day and night modes, in other words, the application can be designed in white and black shades.

Additional features

It is worth noting that the application takes into account all the wishes of users, so some small but quite useful features have been implemented. For example, in order to enlarge the video, it is enough to make a characteristic swipe with two fingers on the device screen. The default video quality and playback speed settings are also implemented. Users can enable the automatic activation of subtitles in case of mute. Among the additional functionality of the utility, the ability to completely remove watermarks from clips is implemented.


  • It is an unofficial mobile client of the world's largest video hosting YouTube;
  • The function of removing the resolution limitation - you can watch 2K videos;
  • a large number of advantages compared to the official software;
  • ability to activate background playback;
  • no root or google services required;
  • advertising content is cut out by 99%;
  • ability to disable info cards, offers and channel watermarks in videos;
  • distributed free of charge;
  • supports all current versions of the Android operating system.
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