Mi Remote

Mi Remote
Category: Other (Network)
System: Android 4.2
Program Status: Free
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Mi Remote is an application that is used to control "video equipment" via a mobile device on Android OS. Using this "tool", you create synchronization between devices and control home appliances instead of a stationary remote control. Through this software, you control your TV or turntable. Mi Remote is a universal tool that remotely controls modern appliances.


Use Mi Remote in cases when the remote control is broken or lost. You can control your TV or air conditioner by turning on these devices through this software. The program is suitable for lazy people who do not want to get up from the couch to take a regular remote control to control the TV or other device.

Features and usage

Mi Remote works on set-top boxes, TVs and other devices that belong to the category of home appliances. Entering the application, you will read the list of devices that are supported by the software. The program is suitable for TVs of well-known brands, as well as Chinese developers. Having launched the application, enter the "Add Remote" section and set up a "network" between MiRemote and the technique. To do this, specify the type of device, and then move to the list of models, selecting the necessary TV or set-top box. After that, point the mobile device at the appliances and click the button that will appear on the smartphone screen. The purpose and appearance of the button depends on the connected device. If you are controlling a TV, it is a button that controls the volume, and an air conditioner - temperature change. While creating a network between devices, you need to specify a name and then create a profile to work. Once synchronized, control the appliances that work through Mi Remote.

Key features

  • quick access and full control of home appliances;
  • support for different types of devices;
  • for this software to work, the smartphone must have an IR port;
  • the utility works on many models of appliances of well-known brands, as well as Chinese manufacturers;
  • creation of a "wireless network" with the equipment and its activation through the profile;
  • the application is localized into Russian;
  • the software has a convenient graphical environment with a minimalist shell;
  • there is a function to change the layout of the keys;
  • works on OS Android 4.0 and higher;
  • the application is available for free.
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