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ColorNote note pad

ColorNote note pad
Category: Text editors and notepads
System: Android 2.2
Program Status: Free
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ColorNote is a mobile client that is a portable notebook that allows you to create handy reminders and to-do lists, as well as separate notes into separate categories, and put colored markers on them. The utility is designed for portable Android devices. The target audience of the application - users who have absolutely no free time, and the diary should always be at hand. Just a couple of taps on the screen and the user can read an old note or create a new one. By means of bright markers you can highlight important notes so that they can be found faster. Among the important features of the utility should be noted the ability to connect with the calendar, which will allow you to make notes for a specific date. Among other things, the program implements the ability to make a backup of records. The application has a simple, but very convenient search system, which will find everything you need in a couple of taps. It is possible to distribute stickers into groups, as well as customize them to fit the diagonal of the portable device in the form of squares or a list. If the user needs to record confidential information and use it in the future, you can use the option to request a password so that third parties do not get access to this data.

Key features

  • A portable notebook that allows you to create reminders and to-do lists;
  • the ability to make multicolored notes, which makes it very easy to find them by importance;
  • support for ColorDict connection;
  • ability to send notes via SMS, email, twitter;
  • the ability to form notes by tiles or lists;
  • very convenient search, by means of which you can easily find the necessary note in the main catalog;
  • the ability to make a secure backup of notes on an SD card;
  • synchronization of the software with the calendar, so you can set new notes and additional reminders for the time or date of interest;
  • the ability to synchronize reminders between two or more portable devices;
  • fine-tuning of the notification system:
    • alarm time;
    • all day;
    • repetition;
    • lunar calendar;
  • possibility to set the time of signal triggering independently, or to assign pop-up notifications after a certain period of time;
  • option of secret combination to enter the utility, which allows to protect information from third parties.
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