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Category: Drawing
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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EbSynth is an innovative program that turns any video clip into an animation. Artificial intelligence analyzes the provided content, using artistic processing styles to it, and as a result, animation is created. Such a solution has appeared relatively recently, so for most users such an application will be new. This neural network can be downloaded and used on mobile devices that run on the basis of Android.


This software is engaged in generating animation shots, thereby imitating real art. In this case, the artificial intelligence uses textures that are created manually, to the video with the help of a special algorithm. Due to this, an animation effect is provided, which imitates the manual drawing of frames. For example, this can be done with graphics, oil or digital painting, as well as watercolor. The presented utility can be used to obtain stylized frames and spectacular transitions in the process of processing video content. Neural network increases the visual appeal of various Internet materials, so the service will really come in handy for many users.


The principle of using the program is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. All you need is to upload a personal animation or video to process the material. After that, it is necessary to select the artistic style, while specifying the intensity of the use of drawing and the level of detail. AI gives the opportunity to generate a variety of textures, which can be drawings created by hand or by other tools. When the processing is completed, you can view the result in time and make adjustments if necessary. You can save the finished video in any format and enjoy the generated result. If desired, you can share the content with friends so that they also appreciate the application.


  • availability of processing examples;
  • the ability to generate animations through the use of algorithms;
  • presence of the interface in English;
  • presence of a user manual.
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