Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 133


Roku is an Android utility for watching TV series and other content. To be able to use the application, the user must have a TV set-top box of the same name or a compatible TV. It is also necessary to subscribe. There is a function for broadcasting what is happening on your phone or tablet to the TV screen.

Synchronization and navigation

A person can use this program if he has a suitable TV set or a set-top box of the same name. The user will also need to purchase a subscription to access a collection of cartoons, series, TV shows and other content. To synchronize the set-top box or TV with the portable device, the user needs to connect both devices to one Wi-Fi point. After that, the software will independently detect the appropriate device and synchronize with it. A person can use a portable gadget or a remote control to navigate through the application interface. In addition, the developers have equipped the utility with support for voice commands.

Program features

With the help of the application, a person is able to broadcast what is happening on the display of a tablet or phone to the TV screen. This makes it possible to watch videos from the gadget's memory, listen to music and much more. The application also has a built-in collection of TV shows, movies and more. However, to access this content, you need to pay a subscription. The program allows you to redirect the sound from the TV to the headphones. Thanks to this, a person can listen to songs or watch videos without disturbing other people.


  • Utility to interact with the TV;
  • Supports many versions of Android;
  • Voice commands available;
  • You need a special TV set-top box or a TV compatible with the program;
  • The application is designed for users from Canada, UK and USA.

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