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System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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Tao Tao is an application that controls Smart Balance gyroscooters. This software provides full control from your Android mobile device. Using this app, you control the gyroscooters, conduct scans, record routes and monitor speed. Tao Tao comes in handy for users who have bought a gyro scooter. The graphical environment of the software is not complicated, in which even a beginner will understand. The application is suitable for children, although they will not immediately understand the interface of the software.


The main function of Tao Tao is personalized settings, which can be selected and exposed in different modes. After installing the application, you enter a username and generate a password. This authorization is needed so that an unauthorized person does not change the configuration of your profile to the software. Incorrect options and settings can break the gyroscooter. Protection from third-party users allows you to close access to the control of the mechanism, especially when you are on the road.

Key features

There are many configurations in the app's features that adjust the gyroscooter's operation as well as customize it without any problems. One useful feature is to safely ride at a limited speed so that you don't get injured. In practice, this function does not limit the speed, but its peculiarity is that the system notifies you with a signal that alerts you when the speed limit is exceeded. In addition, you can adjust the sensitivity of the gas pedal, the smoothness of movement and reaction when steering, as well as the smoothness of turns in the software. Moving over a long distance, the application uses a terrain map with accurate determination of your coordinates. Full-fledged locating is provided using maps from Apple and Android, which are not very high quality. The use of GoogleMaps is not yet supported by the app.

Special features

In Tao Tao you will configure the "shutdown" of the gyroscooter in automatic mode. This feature will come in handy for forgetful users. The software works in an "idle" mode ranging from 10 minutes to two hours. In Tao Tao you can save the route on which you move, and then measure distance records with friends.

Key features

  • The app's protection prevents third parties from using the gyroscooter;
  • a function that notifies you when the permissible speed is exceeded;
  • user-friendly tools that adjust the control of the equipment;
  • integrated maps that display the actual location of the user;
  • setting of gyroscooter auto-off at the right time;
  • the application works only on the new Android OS;
  • the software can record routes;
  • there are several modes that provide training for beginners.
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