Category: Customization
System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Program Status: Free
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UProg is a Windows application that allows you to fine-tune and program control nodes in Orion security systems. It is possible to save service files, edit configuration for current tasks and much more.


The application allows you to get direct access to the software part of the equipment. For this purpose, a special connector is used, communication is carried out through the COM port of the PC. Then the application in the dialog box mode will offer to specify the basic information about the connected system, including the model and full version. It is possible to change the configuration file without connecting the main nodes.


An editor is integrated as a separate module, which allows you to quickly read and open data from the main memory of the device in the view mode. It is possible to adjust the parameters and overwrite the original data array. In case of malfunctions after manipulation, you can quickly return the factory parameters, which in most cases helps to eliminate the problem. When using official electronic keys, you can initiate their search and display them on the screen in the form of a convenient list. It is possible to automatically find all duplicates or add new devices. Chips with different operating schemes are supported, including versions with contactless module. When connecting to network devices, the technician can also get access to parameter editing. Export of service files and a log with measurement information are available in this mode. Separate options are available for setting the response pause and complete clearing of the integrated event buffer.


  • customization of Orion security systems at the firmware level;
  • viewing and editing the configuration of controllers;
  • parameter reset function;
  • search for duplicate keys in the memory dump of access controllers;
  • the application can be downloaded free of charge.
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