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CheckUDisk CheckUDisk
CheckUDisk is a utility for displaying technical specifications and information about peripheral media (flash drives and USB drives). The program scans the device and provides a report about the
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DesktopMania DesktopMania
DesktopMania is a program for changing desktop "decorations" and adding new pictures. Install DesktopMania and add new backgrounds to your computer desktop. The utility does not require a lot of
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XBoot XBoot
XBoot is a program that creates multiboot disks in different formats. The utility supports CD, DVD and Blu-ray optical disks. If necessary, you can create a bootable distribution on a USB drive.
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ASIO4ALL is a driver for devices with Windows system installed. Its purpose is to process the audio stream on output and input. UsageThe product is very useful for those who want to connect external
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Lenovo Solution Center Lenovo Solution Center
Lenovo Solution Center is a utility that is very useful for those who have purchased a Lenovo laptop. With its help, you can monitor the device and timely fix emerging problems.InterfaceThe main
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EzRecover EzRecover
EzRecover is a utility that helps you fix USB flash drives. If the computer is unable to recognize the flash drive connected to it, there are notifications that the device is in Security Mode, this
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7-Zip 7-Zip
The 7-Zip archiver is very popular among users. After all, it provides the highest degree of data compression. It is based on long-used principles. However, few people have managed to come up with
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Tampermonkey Tampermonkey
Sophisticated users always lack the ability to automate tasks. This is especially true when it comes to organizing and executing custom scripts integrated into the network. Usually a user uses only
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Alcohol 120% Alcohol 120%
Alcohol 120% is one of the oldest programs that allows users to perform such actions, thanks to its user-friendly interface and proven years of trouble-free algorithm. It works perfectly on Windows
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