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Clocks and alarm clocks

Alarm Clock Pro Alarm Clock Pro
Alarm Clock Pro is a very interesting application for Android gadgets with a wide range of possibilities to customize the clock functionality. Here you can change the size of its display, stretching
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Alarm Clock Free Alarm Clock Free
Alarm Clock Free is a unique Android app with smart alarm clock functionality. Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter, incorporating more and more functionality. What once seemed like a real
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Elari SafeFamily Elari SafeFamily
Elari SafeFamily is an application for Android devices and is released by Elari, a company whose product is a smart watch for kids. Thanks to this app, you can receive data about the location of the
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Runtastic Runtastic
The Runtastic app is ideal for those people who can't find a sleep schedule. Those who go to bed, then toss and turn half the night trying to sleep, and then get up tired and broken, as well as for
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Sleep as Android Sleep as Android
Sleep as Android is an advanced alarm clock for owners of Android devices. Main featuresThere are quite a lot of similar solutions, but Sleep as Android is almost unique. This is justified by the
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SmartWatch 2 SmartWatch 2
SmartWatch is an original utility that was developed by one of the leading brands in the high-tech market, namely Sony. It was designed exclusively to work in tandem with the smartwatch.
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