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3DMark 3DMark
3D Mark is the most popular program that allows you to test the stability and performance of the central and graphics processors. It was created by the Finnish company Futuremark. Previously, you
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Geekbench Geekbench
Geekbench - a special application - tester for Android - devices. FeaturesGeekbench gives the user the opportunity to analyze what performance the device has. There are several types of tests that
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AnTuTu Benchmark AnTuTu Benchmark
The most famous, well-known and convenient benchmark for Android oc gadgets of any version. In addition to tests, it collects hardware characteristics. Absolutely free! The application specializes in
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Android WebView Android WebView
A modern operating system must be able to easily access web pages and other content. Since the earliest versions of Android, its standard installation package has included a special system library
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