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3TM is a utility for Android operating system, oriented for guests and residents of Tashkent. Allows you to quickly determine the best route between points on the map. FunctionalityThe utility allows
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All In One Maps All In One Maps
All In One Maps is a software that is designed for navigation. It can be used without access to the Internet. The user can download maps, determine the location and perform a number of other
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UAV Forecast UAV Forecast
UAV Forecast is a mobile program that runs on Android gadgets. The purpose of the utility is to provide useful information for quadcopter pilots, including weather information and showing areas with
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Solar Walk Solar Walk
Solar Walk is an Android program that provides access to a detailed atlas of the solar system and several other areas of the universe. The content is detailed and the work is interactive. You can
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Air Traffic Air Traffic
Air Traffic - with the help of this application, you can now get detailed and useful information about the location of airplanes, and it happens strictly in real time, which is very convenient. As a
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Google Street View Google Street View
Google Street View is an application for devices running the Android operating system. Thanks to the program, you can make a virtual journey through many cities around the world. Virtual travelAt the
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Solocator Solocator
Solocator is one of the best applications for Android-based smartphones, which allows you to create truly clear and unique photos, while specifying additional information. For example, it is quite
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Uzrailway tickets Uzrailway tickets
Uzrailway tickets - Android application for selecting and buying railroad tickets. It is oriented to residents of Uzbekistan. ScheduleA separate section is fully dedicated to the current train
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Sygic GPS Sygic GPS
Sygic GPS is a mobile utility for Android phones and other gadgets. This program allows you to use GPS navigation in offline mode. It allows you to load virtual maps of any terrain into the device
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Be Closer Be Closer
Be Closer is a mobile service for Android devices that helps you keep track of your children and other family members. There is a function that allows you to send signals for help. There is an
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