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ViPNet Client ViPNet Client
ViPNet Client is a program that protects computers and servers from network threats in organizations and enterprises. This software is suitable for protecting companies where all documents are
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ViPNet CSP is a program that protects information using "cryptographic code". This software protects data according to certificates of the Federal Security Service of Russia, as well as according to
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eToken PKI Client eToken PKI Client
eToken PKI Client is a tool that works with keys in digital form. The program works with "eToken" keys for ordinary users. Users use this type of keys to use data in a certain place. The utility is
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JaCarta JaCarta
JaCarta is a program that works with smart cards of the same name family. Such devices are popular at enterprises in Russia and CIS countries. This client provides access to the "key", which is on
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TrackView TrackView
TrackView is a client for monitoring devices that are connected to this service. The program allows you to control applications from your computer from the corresponding service, which is installed
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GlassWire GlassWire
GlassWire is a firewall and network monitoring program. It provides monitoring of local network activity, processes, incoming and outgoing traffic, and full control over network devices. This program
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KeePass KeePass
KeePass is a program for password protection of data. It is a free password manager with a simple and user-friendly interface. KeePass securely protects your information using modern encryption
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CSP Cryptopro CSP Cryptopro
CSP CryptoPro is a program for adding and verifying digital files. It adds and protects cryptographic files (electronic documents) that have a digital signature. CryptoPro has a "Winlogon" for very
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360 Total Security 360 Total Security
360 Total Security is a universal antivirus defender. The program protects the operating system from virus threats and improves computer performance. The antivirus program can be installed on
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friGate friGate
friGate is a widget for accessing blocked sites. This extension allows you to bypass blocked sites using proxy servers. friGate works on modern browsers and is distributed with a free license.
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