Origin Pro Origin Pro
Origin Pro is a Windows application for working with mathematical and statistical functions. It is possible to analyze data and look for correlations between different variables. You can create and
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EV3 Classroom EV3 Classroom
EV3 Classroom is a Windows computer utility that allows you to create simple programs to animate robots. For the program to work, you need to buy a special set of parts from the LEGO company. When
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Family Tree Builder Family Tree Builder
Family Tree Builder is a software that allows you to create a family tree of your family, as well as to find relatives with whom you have lost contact. Working with the programThe software is
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VerseQ VerseQ
VerseQ is a keyboard simulator that helps to learn the blind typing method. The developers promise that those who use the VerseQ program learn all the necessary lessons quite quickly. As it is said,
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OziExplorer OziExplorer
OziExplorer is a special program that is required by active users of various GPS navigators. You will be able to look at maps from navigators in a more pleasant environment, using a computer, or
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Google Earth Pro Google Earth Pro
This program is a more advanced version of Google Earth Pro, it also adds video recording tools, and you can export maps, as well as some additional features, which are described below. Perhaps
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Alice Alice
Alice is an easy-to-use programming environment that helps users learn the basics of OOP in a playful and interactive way. The environment is the best solution for inexperienced or novice
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EViews EViews
EViews is a specialized software for complex econometric procedures. The program is actively used in the field of econometrics and performs various analytical functions. Precise mathematical
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Ramus Ramus
Ramus is a program in which you can design visual diagrams. The software provides creation of visual business processes in the form of diagrams. Ramus comes in handy at meetings and gatherings, as
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Plaxis 2D Plaxis 2D
Plaxis 2D is a tool that is mostly used to plan the laying of foundations for the design and construction of houses and other structures. In addition, the software is an assistant for soil and
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