Grahas Grahas
This program will suit fans of Vedic astrology. The application allows you to create Jyotish charts for different time periods. The application can be downloaded in Russian, which greatly simplifies
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Eyes Relax Eyes Relax
Relax or Eyes Relax is a program designed to protect users' eyes from overwork while working at the computer. The application will help to control the time spent at the laptop or computer to prevent
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Finale Finale
A special application, the Finale sheet music editor, allows you to simplify and facilitate your work with musical notation. The program is an official product from the American company "MakeMusic",
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QGIS is an interactive geographic data environment distributed under a "Free Software" license. The cartography is characterized by increased detail, with the ability to update in real time. Software
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Duolingo Duolingo
Duolingo is an application that is designed to teach foreign languages. The program is adapted for Windows 10, thanks to its use, foreign languages are taught in a game form, accessible for
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Synthesia Synthesia
Now, to learn to play the piano, you don't have to go to school and buy the instrument itself. All you need to do is download and install a free learning program. This is an effective and fast way to
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MapSource MapSource
MapSourse is a program that allows you to download maps to your Garmin navigation device. And also the user can convert them in a convenient way. The application is absolutely free and is official.
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ZET is a program for users who study astrology and astronomy. This software is created in a user-friendly interface with detailed sections and division into catalogs. ZET helps astrologers at the
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MyTest MyTest
MyTest is a set of programs that provides creation and preparation of tests for schoolchildren. Create tests for study circles and check knowledge through compiled tables with ready results. MyTest
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Scratch Scratch
Scratch is a free program that teaches your child the basics of programming. The interface of the software is created in an interesting and exciting shell. The child learns programming languages in a
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