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Ammyy Admin Ammyy Admin
Ammy Admin is the most expedient software solution for gaining remote access to a computer. It provides reliable encryption of the connection. This remote control system is considered to be one of
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Outlook 2016 Outlook 2016
Many consider this service, developed for Windows, to be one of the best. It is an integral part of another popular package from Microsoft Office. If you think Outlook is a mediocre mail client, you
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Smart View Smart View
Samsung Smart View is a Korean development that provides an ideal viewing experience for multimedia content stored on your computer's hard disk. There is also a mobile version. It turns ordinary
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WeChat WeChat
WeChat is a client for communication that works on mobile devices and computers. WeChat messenger allows you to chat comfortably and use other functions of the service. RegistrationThis program is
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Yota Access Yota Access
Yota Access is an application that provides access to the network for users of the Windows operating system. The program is created with a simple shell and simple interface. Yota is a tool that
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VkOpt VkOpt
VkOpt is a browser extension that enhances and adds features to the Vkontakte social network. This plugin allows you to upload videos, music files from social network pages. VkOpt has customization
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Uran Uran
Uran is a browser that runs on the Chromium programming language. This browser is equipped with a standard set of tools and features. Uran quickly opens websites and clicks on various links. Browser
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Browsec Browsec
Browsec is an extension that allows you to log in to websites and web resources under a different IP address. This plug-in is used for anonymous networking. Browsec provides access to any sites and
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Xshell Xshell
Xshell is a program that "emulates" and creates Windows operating system terminals. This utility provides stable operation in older versions of Windows OS. Xshell is a general-purpose program with a
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FTP Manager FTP Manager
FTP Manager is a utility that allows you to upload files to a remote server. By using this program, you automate file transfers and synchronize local and remote data archives. with one or several FTP
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