Jira Jira
Jira is a software solution that allows you to team up with colleagues to work on a single project. UsageThe program is designed for a specific staff of testers or developers, each of whom has a
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CuneiForm CuneiForm
CuneiForm is a useful application that allows you to recognize text from scanned files. Thanks to the program, you can, in a short time, digitize paper documents. FeaturesCuneiForm can recognize text
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Samsung Scan Assistant Samsung Scan Assistant
Samsung Scan Assistant has fine-tuned settings for scanners to "digitize" documents. In addition to the main task, the application can install updates for some scanners, but mostly the user will have
  • 60
Canon MP Navigator Canon MP Navigator
Canon MP Navigator is a versatile utility that allows you to thoroughly customize scanners, printers and MFPs from canon. The functions of the utility include the ability to get information about the
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IPTool IPTool
With this application, you will be able to perform all kinds of maintenance operations on Canon IP printing devices. Often this utility is used to perform a preliminary reset of indicators, if you
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Bonjour Bonjour
Bonjour is an official software developed by the famous American company Apple. The program is designed for large corporations and the creation of unified local networks between users. UsageThe main
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Adobe Acrobat Pro Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Acrobat Pro is an internationally recognized software for working with PDF documents. The PRO version of the product allows you to view, edit and perform other useful actions with PDF files.
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Samsung Easy Document Creator Samsung Easy Document Creator
This program allows the user to work with various documents. It can be used to scan and convert documents into formats that can be used. But the application itself will not be able to scan anything,
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MindManager MindManager
This software for creating mind maps is one of the most innovative and feature-rich software available today. It has a large number of available templates that allow you to visualize a wide variety
  • 100
Pepakura Viewer Pepakura Viewer
Pepakura Viewer is a wonderful tool for modeling and working with three-dimensional objects. This utility is an application and supplement to the main, so to speak "father", version of Pepakura
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