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SecureIT SecureIT
SecureIT is a Windows application that allows you to securely encrypt your data to protect it from unauthorized access. You can work with folders on local disks and external drives. Blowfish and AES
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Panda Cloud Cleaner Panda Cloud Cleaner
Panda Cloud Cleaner is a Windows application that is a cloud antivirus. You can scan the file system to find and neutralize threats of different types. It is possible to force unblock processes. It
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PDF Password Recovery PDF Password Recovery
PDF Password Recovery is a Windows application for restoring access to a password-protected PDF file. There are several modes of operation - dictionary search, mask search and full character search.
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Loaris Trojan Loaris Trojan
Loaris Trojan is an antivirus for Windows that provides comprehensive protection against modern threats. It supports background mode, has a system scanning module and provides a detailed
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File Lock File Lock
File Lock for Windows is a tool that can be used to hide or encrypt files and directories. It supports creating multiple protection profiles for different users and guest access settings. Information
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Dooble Dooble
The Dooble application for Windows is an open-source Internet browser based on the WebKit engine. Its main distinguishing feature is a specific approach to ensuring the security of user personal
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RogueKiller Anti-malware RogueKiller Anti-malware
RogueKiller Anti-malware application is an antivirus software for malware removal. It recognizes different types of threats, several types of scans are provided. FunctionsThe application allows you
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Actual Keylogger Actual Keylogger
Actual Keylogger is a Windows application for capturing various actions on your PC. Keystrokes, running programs, Internet sites are tracked, and screenshots can be taken at specified intervals. You
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Internet Lock Internet Lock
Internet Lock is a Windows utility that allows you to restrict access to specific Internet pages. In addition, the program's functionality allows you to prohibit certain software from sending and
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Emsisoft Anti Malware Emsisoft Anti Malware
Emsisoft Anti Malware is a full-fledged antivirus that is designed to protect your PC from any possible threats. The program can analyze files, search for a threat in them and scan all downloaded
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