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MAC Address Changer MAC Address Changer
MAC Address Changer is an application for Windows, through which every user is able to change the MAC address of his own network card. The application is compatible with all adapter models,
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Torch Browser Torch Browser
Torch Browser is an internet browser with many useful tools. There is a music and video player, a privacy plugin, and a torrent client. For the browser to work properly, you need a device running at
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BELOFF is a Windows program that is a launcher with a collection of various utilities in Russian. Through the functionality of the application user can quickly download and install the software he
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Epic Privacy Browser Epic Privacy Browser
Epic Privacy Browser is an Internet browser for Windows devices. The utility has an increased level of security of the user's personal data. The program is developed on a popular engine called
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KitchenDraw KitchenDraw
KitchenDraw application - allows you to create real three-dimensional models of various rooms. There is an opportunity to change the design, in the catalog a large selection of furniture and interior
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EZP2010 EZP2010
EZP2010 utility allows you to read information from chips on PCs and laptops and flash them. Various series of chips are supported. It uses a convenient tool that is not overloaded with unnecessary
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Tftpd32 Tftpd32
Tftpd32 is a Windows application that allows you to organize convenient data transfer between two devices. TFTP, Syslog and SNTP servers can be used, and IPv6 protocol is supported. The project is
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Pencil2D Pencil2D
The Pencil2D program is a convenient graphic editor for working with vector and raster graphics. It is possible to create animation. Program descriptionAll necessary functions for editing raster and
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UR Browser UR Browser
UR Browser is an Internet browser for Windows-based personal computers and laptops. With its help, users can find the information they need on the web, download files and much more. It is possible to
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Opera One Opera One
Opera One is an Internet browser for Windows devices. The program runs on a popular engine called Chromium from Google. There is a modular design, which can be modified to suit your preferences.
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