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Radmin VPN Radmin VPN
Radmin VPN is a Windows computer program that provides functionality to create your own virtual networks. The utility provides high connection speed. The program also uses an advanced information
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Opera with Yandex services Opera with Yandex services
Opera with Yandex services is a popular browser for the Windows platform. It allows the user to browse websites, work with bookmarks, and has a built-in unit converter. The application has integrated
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FortiClient FortiClient
FortiClient is a Windows computer utility that combines the functionality of an antivirus, web filter, VPN service and firewall. With these options, the user can increase the protection of his laptop
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AnyConnect AnyConnect
AnyConnect is a Windows application that allows you to create and use VPN tunnels. It is oriented to the corporate sector and allows you to quickly organize access to the corporate network from an
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Cisco Packet Tracer Cisco Packet Tracer
Cisco Packet Tracer is a Windows utility designed for modeling computer networks. The main work is performed in a virtual environment, in which modeling and testing is performed. It is possible to
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Google Chrome Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a very popular browser that can be used to access various websites. There are a lot of browsers, but this particular browser has gained immense popularity, as well as the recognition
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Firefox Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is a computer program that is the most famous web browser. Currently, Firefox is one of the most popular browsers for PCs, sharing first and second place with Chrome and Opera. Each
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CheckPoint CheckPoint
CheckPoint is a software for Windows that provides access to corporate networks. Similar to VPN Gate Client, this utility redirects traffic to a remote server and encrypts user data. Such
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Datacol Datacol
If it is necessary to collect data from different sites and form summary reports on their basis in standard text formats, you can use special programs - universal parsers. One such program is
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The downloadable PuTTY software is a client for remote access network protocols. The application also performs emulator functions. The program is in open and absolutely free access. PuTTY is
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