Print Conductor Print Conductor
Print Conductor is a Windows application for easy printing of documents. It supports a large number of formats, allows you to select a printer and specify basic settings. You can work with text
  • 60
PDF Extra PDF Extra
PDF Extra is a specialized utility for Windows that is designed for editing PDF documents. Thanks to it users can add pictures, signatures and stamps, as well as draw various geometric shapes. All
  • 0
Warehouse Warehouse
Warehouse is a software whose functionality is useful for small retail outlets. There are tools for keeping records of products, creating delivery notes, creating price lists, creating a list of
  • 80
SoftMaker Office 2021 SoftMaker Office 2021
Softmaker Office 2021 is a handy application for Windows, with which you can completely replace the standard tools for working with files from Microsoft Word. The application has four main modules in
  • 100
OnlyOffice OnlyOffice
OnlyOffice is a suite of office programs for Windows. You can work with text files, tables and presentations. Integration with popular cloud platforms is supported, and it is possible to organize
  • 40
Time Doctor Time Doctor
Time Doctor is a software tool designed for Windows-based desktops and laptops. The functions implemented in the application allow you to monitor the activities of the company's employees. There are
  • 0
Service Manager Service Manager
Service Manager is an application for Windows-based devices that allows you to register requests and requests from people. You can also select the employees who will handle a request. There are
  • 20
Babylon Babylon
Babylon is a software that allows you to translate text materials from different languages. The utility's dictionary contains information about many stable word combinations. There are interesting
  • 0
EssentialPIM EssentialPIM
EssentialPIM is a Windows application for easy storage of important information. It integrates with your email account to access your emails. You can save passwords, notes, contacts, payment
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priPrinter priPrinter
priPrinter is a Windows application which is a virtual printer. It is possible to prepare a page and activate the preview mode. All relevant settings are available - scale, margin settings,
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